Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Picture Worth 1000 Words

  • When writing recently about my reading experiences with Ian Kershaw's Hitler biography, I commented to someone that what stood out most to me was the complete and absurd banality of the whole thing, and the fact that quite clearly Hitler had absolutely nothing to offer, but always managed to manipulate people into all or nothing choices, in which he bamboozled them into thinking there was actually something in his empty hand, not to mention the fact that really both his hands were empty. All of this came into real focus for me in how he managed to completely manipulate the army, which had been quite an independent institution, with a certain pride and professionalism, but he managed again and again to get them on his side to an almost incredible degree, or at least not object, even while his choices at times were bereft of common sense from the professional military standpoint.

    Today friend sent me this picture, which kind of says it all.

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