Friday, October 9, 2009


As this blog is designed to be an extension of my book, Closing the Circle, I got fascinated some time ago to notice that after about two years of activity, of which the last 10 months were fairly regular, there were about half of the logia of Thomas which I had not really discussed at all. So I decided to discuss all of those "stragglers" more or less consecutively. That episode has now come to a close.

From reader feedback, it has come to my attention that although Logia 11, 47, 96 were mentioned, they did not receive much further discussion previously, so I will now turn my attention to them, in order to have a more complete and balanced treatment of the whole collection, which hass now becoming a reference source for the Pursah version of the Thomas Gospel. By using the tags, you should be able to find anything you're looking for.

It was very interesting to go to this level of consistent effort, and it certainly has enriched my appreciation for the Pursah collection of Thomas Logia, as a very well balanced, and consistent collection, which really lends credence to the whole phenomenon of Pursah as your inner experience with them deepens. It remains important also to realize that the purpose, neither of the book, nor of this site, is to provide the complete, definitive, or exhaustive treatment of the material, rather it is all done in an exploratory spirit, to encourage the reader to find their own relationship with the material, and the teacher who speaks through these words.

By intensifying one's acquaintance with this material, alongside the study of A Course in Miracles, it also becomes easier to understand, and we can more readily accept Pursah's guidance, that it is most important that we evolve our own relationship to the material, that there are no authorities in that regard, but only the validation of our own Internal Teacher, and if the material helps the reader to listen more readily to that voice, then this material served its purpose. So I guess, I'm trying to be conclusively non-exhaustive, and with that bit of tongue in cheek I will, after the discussion of Logion 109, which will complete my original list of "stragglers," continue the discussion with these last three orphans.

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